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A Caution From the Authors:

We have published The Glorious Church and established this website primarily for the purpose of inspiring thought. Our desire is to provoke apostolic-minded men and women to stop and consider: are we currently headed in the right direction, or do we need to make some radical changes to line up with Godís plan for the Church? We believe the matters addressed on this website need to be brought up, discussed, and considered in the light of Godís purpose for the Church.

It is not our intention to attack or insult any person who is presently serving in a leadership capacity; neither is it our desire to stir up any believers against their leaders.  Believers who are convinced that change in a local assembly is in order need to take their petitions to the Lord Jesus and approach their leaders with humility and grace.

We recognize that there is no quick and simple process for transforming an established assembly from the single leader model to the multiple leader model. For those who desire to move in that direction, we encourage a prayerful, careful, and thoughtful approach, keeping in mind that the structure of oversight is not the only consideration. We readily acknowledge that an assembly under the leadership of a group of immature, proud, biblically unqualified men is in great danger of shipwreck. The spirit of leadership is just as important as the form.

We acknowledge that believers who find themselves in disagreement with their leaders over any matter presented on this website are in a difficult position. We strongly admonish them not to use any of the ideas on this site to sow discord in their local assembly. It is a time for earnest prayer, not backbiting and criticism, no matter how subtle. The true condition of a personís heart is often revealed by how he handles disagreements. The humble man quietly turns to the Lord; the prideful man devises his own solution.

This is not to imply that local assemblies are free to chose whatever form of oversight structure they want, as though one is just as good as another. It is simply to accept the present reality in most assemblies and to emphasize that for profound change to take place without endangering the flock, many deeply ingrained concepts will need to change within the hearts of both the leaders and the led. This will require patience and the Holy Spirit. To pour new wine into old wineskins only tears things apart.

Through the writings on this website, we have attempted to describe the Church the Lord Jesus is building as it appears in the Scriptures. We believe that understanding and receiving the elements of this description is vital if the body of Christ is to give glory to God while standing victorious against the growing persecution. Godís people must be prepared, and that preparation must begin now. We ask that you please consider the points we have presented and pray with us that Jesus would lead each of us into ďall truthĒ by the power of His glorious Spirit.

David Huston and Jim McKinley