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As we see the day of the Real ID approaching...

Submitted: 9/22/2007
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Question: I work in a public school where a new policy has been set in place. As we near the Real Id Act, it seems the government has excuses for incorporting its influence into our freedoms. A parent was once able to walk into a school and visit the child's class room and walk around. Today the parent needs a pass and an escort. The excuse is the recent incidents in the news, however, something tells me this is an excuse for them to begin to implement the Real ID act which will take away our freedom and control Americans.

Answer: Thank you for telling us about this policy. This is just one more reason why we believe Christian parents should not send their children to government schools but should keep them home and oversee their education directly. Please see the 'Family and Home Education' shelf in the Apostolic Free Library.