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What about the conspiracy theories? My comment.

Submitted: 9/26/2007
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Question: Concening conspiracy theories, there are more important things, like getting closer to God. I am not putting down conspiracy theories as our government, our worldly government, is not to be trusted. Yes our government has lied and sacrificed civilians. Yes, a global government is not far off, but can proving or disproving a conspiracy help you get closer to God or bear more spiritual fruit? No, so focus on the scripture and your relationship with God.

Answer: Thank you for your comment. We do believe, however, that there is value in seeking to understand what is going on in the world around us. Jesus admonished His followers to 'watch and pray.' To be effective in our prayer we need to be aware. We would agree that it is possible to get carried away in conspiracy theories, but we do not think that the study conspiracies is contradictory to a strong relationship with the Lord. In fact, we believe it could enhance it.