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What about casting out church members?

Submitted: 10/5/2007
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Question: In Matthew 5:29-30 and Mark 9:43, the Bible talks about if one of our memebers offends us, cut it off because it's better to enter into life maimed than to go into hell whole. And then in 1 Corinthians 12 it talks about us being members of the body, each with a role to play. Is it (spiritually speaking) ok to say that if there is a member of a church body that is offending or committing a sin that will bring shame or hurt to the body to cast them out of the church?

Answer: There is a biblical basis for putting certain offending members out of the local assembly. Why and how this should be done are extremely important matters that should be given careful consideration. We recommend you read our article 'Redemptive Discipline in the Local Assembly' which can be found in the Apostolic Free Library. Go to www.gloriouschurch.com/html/Redemtive-Discipline.asp