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What can I do about my bulimia?

Submitted: 10/27/2007
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Question: If canceer is not a spirit, then why do some preachers preach that? I have been believing that since I heard it. The demonic spirit that causes bulimia, how do I get that support for my dysfunctional self and my injured/poisioned children. I had asked at the church once but I don't understand what happened so I left. I went to another church and asked there and no one contacted me so I got depressed. I have since faced eviction, broke car, and my son looks very thin. Please pray with me.

Answer: We can't tell you why some preachers say the things they do. All we know is that if cancer is a spirit, then why don't these preachers go into the hospitals where people are dying of cancer and cast those spirits out?

As for your other question, all we can say is that you need to find a solid apostolic church and make it your home. You need to commit yourself fully. You then need to make an appointment to discuss your situation with the leaders of the assembly. There is no magical answer. Healing and deliverance come to those who are committed to Jesus and His body and are participating in the work of the kingdom.