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Should we be baptized in the name of Jesus or Yeshua?

Submitted: 11/6/2007
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Question: Hi! I am just curious as to why we don't baptize in the Name of Yeshua. I have read elsewhere that because the Greek is in Greek, everyone translates into their own language, but I have to wonder because I personally would expect to be addressed in the proper translation of my name, no matter what language is being spoken to or about me. I just think it shows more respect. I've never seen this brought up anywhere before.

Answer: This question has been bandied about for years. If you are going to insist on the original language, then you should be baptized in the name of Iesous, since the name was revealed to us by the God-breathed New Testament which God apparently inspired the apostles to write down in the Greek language. But seriously, God speaks all languages. If you are Greek, then let it be in the name of Iesous. If you are Israeli, then do it in the name of Yeshua. But here in the US we speak English, so we believe God is fine with us baptizing, praying, preaching, and doing everything else in the name of Jesus.