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Aren't pants pants?

Submitted: 12/1/2007
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Question: I have always thought that pants were pants, whether they be in the daytime or behind closed doors. I go to ladies conferences and all the other women are wearing pants pjs. My daughter sleeps over at the house of a church friend, and her friend is wearing pants pjs. Some of these girls have a collection of gauchos as well. It bothers me. These things influence people, my daughter being the one I'm concerned about most. Are pants pjs wrong for females? Does age matter? The argument that its being worn behind closed doors is not applicable since, obviously, others are seeing these females wear them. Besides, Jesus sees us all the time. Isn't He the one from which the standard of dress comes? Am I not educated in the meaning of the scripture in Deut.? Does it even matter? Seems to me that what starts behind closed doors has a way of making its way out in the open over time.

Answer: We agree with your assessment. We believe that pants in all forms are men's clothing and should not be worn by women, whether anyone else is seeing them or not. As you noted, Jesus sees everything. Hebrews 4:13 tells us,
'And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.' Each of us will be required to give an account of our actions, which means we ought not stand in judgment of one another. Jesus is the Judge. But this does not preclude us from taking a stand for what we believe to be proper and right. The reason this issue has become an issue is because too many pastors are failing to teach the whole counsel of God.