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What is the process for changing assemblies?

Submitted: 12/14/2007
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Question: For the saint who wants to be in a church such as you have you described, what's the proper process for a family to make those steps? Sometimes a local change just has to happen.

Answer: We believe that such a change, if it is to happen, should be innitiated by the head of the family. We believe he should be completely up-front with the leadership of the assembly his family is currently connected with and should be very clear about why he feels this change would be in the best interests of his family. This converstion should take place, regardless of whatever risks may be anticipated. Of course, before a person withdraws from one assembly, he ought to be confident that the assembly he is planning on connecting with is all that he is looking for, otherwise he may end up jumping from the frying pan into the fire. An evaluation must be done carefully, thoughtfully, and discretely. What a person should not do is discuss the change with the leaders of the assembly he is considering relocating to before discussing it with the leadership of the assembly he is currently at. This is both deceitful and unkind. The bottom line is this: since such relocations can have serious spiritual consequences, the one considering relocating should be prayerful, humble, open and honest, ethical, and considerate from beginning to end.