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Can you suggest a Bible School?

Submitted: 12/19/2007
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Question: Are there any Bible schools that teach according to the gospel? I know most 'Bible schools' don't even teach the full gospel due to government restrictions. In developing spiritual gifts such as ministering, is it necessary and/or advantageous to be able to read Greek and Hebrew?

Answer: In America, the government has no authority to restrict a Bible school from teaching the full gospel. If a school is failing in this regard, it is because of the school not the government. You are correct that most Bible schools and Christian colleges do not teach the full apostolic truth, there are nevertheless a few that do, at least to some degree (try searching Apostolic Bible Colleges). But we would ask, are Bible schools part of God's plan for preparing His people for glory, or are they primarily a system for continually bringing new men and women into an entrenched clergy class? Just something to think about.

We would say that it is definitely an advantage to be knowledgeable of ancient Greek and Hebrew, but not an absolute necessity.