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How does a woman co-leader step down?

Submitted: 12/25/2007
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Question: I have read what you recommended and I understand clearly what you have said. So my follow up question is this: A woman with the title pastor? A husband and wife pastoral team? How do you change in the face of error and explain that your congregation? Our church motto is ' There's nothing wrong with being wrong, until being wrong is your choice.' My husband and I have started a work from the ground, many Sundays it was just he and I. We were the pastoral team. How do we now tell our saints that I must step down? Without causing division.

Answer: The best approach, in our opinion, would be for your husband to be completely open and honest with the people. Let them know that it was a mistake to consider you as a pastor or co-pastor, but that just because you won't have that title any more does not mean you will be a different person. You will still be there for the people and will have the same gifts and anointing you have always had. None of that will change, and in the end, those are the things that really matter, not some articial title.