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Who are we to mark?

Submitted: 2/5/2008
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Question: The divisions and offences of Roamns 16:17 are due to the fact that it is contrary to doctrine. The most talk about which is contrary to doctrine is about circumcision and law. Acts 15 and Galatians (teaching the law to be observed, otherwise no salvation or other terms curse). But for the elect Christ was made a curse. Are those who teach that not following the law will make us curse (separated from Christ) are the one to mark?

Answer: We cannot say for certain who should be noted for avoidance, since we are not there to observe the spirit of the person. Some people are very sincere; they simply have wrong information. They are not intending to cause trouble and would be very sad to find out that they had caused trouble. These people do not need to be avoided; they need to be taught. On the other hand, some poeple use their pet doctrines to stir up strife and division. Such people, after proper warning, should be noted and avoided. This does not necessarily mean they should put out of the church. It simply means they should not be listened to--both their doctrine and their spirit are wrong.