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Are we stepping outside of the Scriptures?

Submitted: 4/9/2008
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Question: What about the Illuminati? I think that is how it is spelled. There is a guy who comes on after End Times and speaks of things I never read in the Bible. Maybe I missed that word. Is such a word in the Bible? I plan to purchase a Strongs Concordance soon. Thank you for your responses and comments. I enjoy them. Mary

Answer: We are glad you enjoy the web site, Mary. As for the Illuminati, you will not find this word in the Bible. But keep in mind that there are many groups and organizations that are not mentioned in the Bible. This does not mean they are not real. The term Illuminati usually refers to a group of people who consider themselves to be highly enlightened as to what is the best course for mankind. They are often promoters of a one-world government (with them in charge, of course). It is good to have your own concordance so you can look up words in the Bible.