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Is the head-covering hair?

Submitted: 5/10/2008
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Question: I read your response to the question on head-coverings. I take this to mean you believe the woman's hair is all the 'covering' she requires. I find that confusing though, because if the word 'covering' is translated 'hair', how do we understand the Scripture's instruction to men to pray with their heads uncovered? Using your theory, would this not mean that the men are to pray without their 'hair'? Sincerely, Kathie

Answer: We have never said that the word 'covering' should be translated 'hair.' This is incorrect. The word 'hair' means 'growing locks of hair.' A woman covers her head by allowing her hair to grow out freely. It is a shame for a man to allow his hair to grow out freely, since it causes him to look womanly. His head should be uncovered, which mean that he should keep his hair cut.