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Respectfully suggest.

Submitted: 3/13/2011
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Question: I do believe in and practice holiness, but with all due respect, there's a place to draw the line. If this were true, wouldn't it also mean that it would be a sin for women to wear underwear, which comes up between the legs and that instead, we should all be wearing half-slips?? Would that be modest? How long, then, should underwear be, before they are considered 'pants'? Pj's are also intimate apparel. Some things can go too far. When I was first saved, there was a dear saint in her 60's who testified of being a former pants wearer and that after she got saved and went to put pants on, she was physically unable to do so (could not get her leg in). I trust her testimony, but I believe that God has shown me that gym tights and capris are womens' garments, which I wear under my skirt when it's cold, or to avoid chafing in the summer. When I was outside of the Lord, I wore them alone out in public which I can't imagine doing now. I consider them as underclothing. Conversely, as an aside, when I prayed specifically about a hair trim, immediately the Lord showed me (magnified) 1 Cor. 11, verses 6 and 15 respectively, making it even clearer than I ever understood it before. Let's use good sense about these issues, and be able to apply them in reasonable context. I don't think there are many of us today, male or female, who wear anywhere near the amount of fabric the ancient people of God wore.

Answer: What we are concern with is the outer garment, not whatever a woman is wearing underneath. Your conclusion that we would consider underwear to be pants is silly. By definition, underwear is worn under the outer clothing. On the other hand, pajammas are an outer garment which other people see. We have no issue with women wearing leotards or leggings under their skirts for warmth. You seem to have read into our answer something we have not said.