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What about modest clothing?

Submitted: 10/6/2013
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Question: Why is it that whenever I look up modest clothing I usually find outfits and clothes that mention apostolic. I'm also trying to be more modest and since I always find modest outfits that talk about apostolic religion I thought maybe here's A good place to ask. If you could ask a girl or something do you have any tips on how to be modest? Why are apostolic girls the most people I find? What is your doctrine on clothing for women? Thanks

Answer: In the begining, the fundamental purpose of clothing was to over the body (Genesis 3:21). In today's world, clothing is often used to reveal the body and call attention to physical attributes. This is a fairly recent develpoment in human history. We therefore believe that all born-again believers should dress modestly at all times. This means keeping everything covered from the shoulders to below the knees and not using clothing to draw attention. The only exceptions would be in the shower, in the bedroom, and perhaps in the doctor's office. Please see 1 Timothy 2:9-10.