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What is the connection between glory, hair, and praying?

Submitted: 1/13/2007
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Question: I read in the Bible where one verse says that her hair is her glory. Could you please tell me the meaning of this? Also, when women are praying for any reason should their hair be down (not on top of their heads or pulled back).

Answer: According to the passage you have referenced in 1 Corinthians 11, man has been made to represent the image and glory of God. To effectively do this he is admonished not to have long hair hanging down over his ears and neck. This is said to be a dishonor. In contrast, woman was made to be the glory of man. To effectivly accomplish this, she is admonished to allow her hair to grow out freely. For her to have cut hair is a dishonor. We believe the theme of this passage is the relationship between submitting to the divine order and glorifying God. The hair is an outward representation, not the substance of it. This is easily understood when we consider that there are many men with short hair who are not glorifying God at all and some women who do not cut their hair yet have no interest at all in the glory of God.

We do not believe the way a women wears her hair has any particular bearing on the effectiveness of her prayers.