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Why a post-trip rapture?

Submitted: 2/4/2007
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Question: Why do you believe that we, the bride of Christ, are going to go through the great tribulation? The scriptures say, Be ready cause we dont know what hour are Lord is going to come. He's going to come in the moment, in the twinkling of an eye. That doesn't seem like it will be after the tribulations but before. If that's the case, then people will try and wait til the times come.

Answer: Jesus could come for any one of us at any moment. The reality is, the instant our heart stops beating Jesus has come for us. Those who think they can hold out and live any way they please until certain end-time events take place are kidding themselves. God is not mocked and no one is clever enough to fake Him out.

We do not believe that the passages indicating a surprising, instanteous rapture contradict the idea that Jesus will not come until after certain events take place. For a more detail explanation of our position, please read the articles in the Apostolic Free Library on The End-Times shelf.