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Why ?

Submitted: 2/15/2007
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Question: My question of why do people of the apostolic faith all speak the same way. Is the fact that some preachers are always concerned with winning a soul just to make their image look good. Like wanting to have your cheeks sunken to show how holy you are. When it comes to some real one-on-one personal things, you all run. Today's apostolic person is just like yesterday's Jewish leaders. 'DONT ROCK THE BOAT JESUS.' I do believe in the Oneness of God, but so far all of the apostolic preachers are just as fake as the high priests were. Saying how close to God we are,and yet can't even be truthful to yourself. I'm very sad to say that if you are failing in the one-on-ones, you can't be doing as good as you claim with the one-on-ones with God. The one thing I have noticed about David was he never killed a lamb. He protected the sheep, even the ones that had blemishes. He fought for them, he didn't run away when the bear or the lion approached. Jesus left the 99 for the one. I see the apostolic preachers leaving the one for the 99. My faith in God is very strong, what I have trouble with is why do you all speak the same? Please respond,and try to keep it real! I lost faith in the apostolic men of God, I don't trust the apostolic preachers, yet the closer I have been drawing to God and seeing the love David had for him the more I forgive you. Please note, to defend yourself is just a plea of guilt. I will continue to pray for the apostolic preachers until God gives me peace for you in my heart. I am just trying to sort out the junk from the truth.No more tossed to and fro. In Jesus name, Amen

Answer: Thank you for writing back. I think you have clarified your question very well. We are very sorry to hear that you have had such horrible experiences with men who call themselves apostolic preachers. Since we do not know any of the circumstances or people involved, we are unable to comment on how you have been treated. We would encourage you not to give up. We can say with certainty that all apostolic people are not as you describe. It may be true that the ones you have encountered are like that, but we promise you that all are not like that.

We suggest the following criteria when looking for an assembly. Perhaps this will help you in the future to find a safe and healing placing in which to fellowship:

1. Do you sense the presence of God in the meetings?

2. Do the people, including those in leadership, seem to genuinely love God and one another?

3. Do the people, including those in leadership, seem to genuinely care about you?

4. Is the atmosphere spiritual, joyful, and godly?

5. Is the Bible esteemed as the Word of God and is it taught without compromise?

6. Are the fundamental doctrines clearly biblical?

7. Is there openness and easy access to needed ministry?

8. When you leave the meetings and functions of the assembly, do you feel refreshed, blessed, and edified, or do you feel discouraged and spiritually battered?