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Why a computer but no TV?

Submitted: 3/25/2007
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Question: I was going through your questions and answers and you said on one of them that you don't have a TV in your home. My church does not believe in TV either and they said the same thing that you said. My question is, why do people who don't believe in TV have a computer? There are as much or even more ungodly websites and pop-ups on the computer. So why have a computer if there is so much stuff that is wrong on it. Thanks

Answer: There are two basic reasons why we don't have a TV: 1) it can only be used passively; that is, all you can do is watch a TV; and 2) we consider the vast majority of TV programing to be so void of spiritual value that whatever small amount of good programing there may be, it is not enough to overcome the spiritual dangers of the bad.

On the other hand, a computer is far more inter-active and can be used for shopping, buying airplane tickets, reading valuable material, and communicating with people all over the world (as we do on this website). Yes, there is much disgusting and evil material on the Internet as well, but there are filters and pop-up blockers which can help avoid exposure to such things. We have found that it isn't that easy to stumble upon ungodly material, though it is easy to find it if you are deliberately looking for it.

Obviously, both TV and the Internet can be used for good purposes and can be used for seriously evil purposes. Any technology is subject to abuse and misuse. In the case of the Internet, up to this point we have found the good to out-weigh the bad. Of course, it must be used carefully. In the case of TV, we believe the bad vastly out-weighs the good.