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What about other hair treatments?

Submitted: 3/25/2007
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Question: I go to an Apostolis church and I do not cut my hair, but I was wondering what you had to say about Apostolic women and coloring or high-lighting our hair? What do people at your church do....is it like the same as cutting your hair?? I am confused because I want to glorify GOD in all ways, so I need to know what you think!!! Thanks!

Answer: Cutting hair and coloring hair are two different issues. We put coloring the hair in the same category as wearing make-up. It is covering up what is natural with what is articial. We believe that the Lord gave each of us the coloring that He felt would make us the most beautiful in His eyes. To alter the color of one's skin or hair artificially is to express dissatisfaction with the way God made us. For these reasons the committed women and men at our assembly do not color or high-light their hair. We believe that to do so would obscure the glow of God's holiness.