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Must I report illegal immigrants?

Submitted: 4/19/2007
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Question: I attend an apostolic church where there are several members who are illegal aliens. In fact, I would say that 80% of the congregation are here illegally. The leaders of my church say that they cannot turn away anybody, but doesn't Paul write in Roman's that we have to respect the laws of the state?

Answer: The illegal immigration question is complex indeed. On the one hand we believe in a society governed by laws, but on the other hand we feel compassion for these people who are so desperate to find a better life. Concerning your question, we do not know if there are any laws that require citizens to report illegals to the government when they come across them. If there are, then we would say that you and your leaders should comply with the law. If there are no laws of this kind, then we believe you are under no compulsion to report them. But whether they are reported or not and whether we agree or not with how they got into our country, we must do all that we can to share the gospel and help them to prepare for eternal life.