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Is wearing pants an abomination for women?

Submitted: 4/25/2007
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Question: Is wearing pants an abomination for women? I visit Church of God churches and see all the women wearing pants and cutting their hair like a man including the pastor's wife, but the Lord moves in these churches like I see in apostolic churches, and I see these people crying out to God and speaking in tongues. Where do you draw the line and should pastors and their wives set the example with the dress code? Should we judge them by this and say they are spiritually dead? I believe respect should be shown in the house of God and fight myself trying not to judge by looks because only God knows their heart.

Answer: We are unwise to judge ourselves among ourselves. God is sovereign and He can move wherever He chooses. But just because God is moving somewhere does not mean He is putting His seal of approval on everything going on there. Jesus said that the Spirit would come to guide us into all truth (John 16:13). Often the Spirit moves for the purpose of taking people into greater realms of truth. We suggest you just leave these matters in God's hands. He can sort out who is truly yielded to Him and who is not. Our mission is to bear witness of the truth. We must do what we know to be right, regardless of what anyone else is doing or not doing.