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What is apostasy?

Submitted: 5/27/2007
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Question: I was formerly attending a Catholic college and was concerned about some of their teaching, so I brought up the subject to the pastor of the church I was attending. He stated that I was in danger of commiting apostasy and explained why. I quit the college. After a few months I learned the men of the church were going to a trinitarian seminar about and for men. I thought, Are they not also in danger of commiting apostasy if they are of the Apostolic faith and attending trinitarian teaching?

Answer: Apostasy is a willful rejection of the truth. A person does not apostasize simply by being exposed to false teaching. In fact, there is false teaching all around us. It would therefore be in our interests to learn to recognize it when it comes our way. But the idea of avoiding it completely is unrealistic. You were not in danger of apostasy just by being at a Catholic college. It was only if you embraced the false teachings and abandoned the Apostolic truth.