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End-time tracts?

Submitted: 5/31/2007
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Question: I ordered Bible tracts from End-Time Ministry to pass out. I began to give them to people who asked me for money and I gave them some change along with the tract. I also left them in hospitals and waiting rooms and laundromats. I recall Irvin Baxter (or maybe I read it someplace) stating you start a ministry just handing them out. I thought this was great until I asked the pastor at the church I am now attending. He said it would be best if we spoke with the people. I read each tract and I want to pass them out because I beleive the message(s). I moved near a basillica and one of the tracts is concerning Rev 17. Yes, I will ask my pastor before I start to hand them out again. Have you read the tracts? 'Why so many churches and which one is right' and 'You must be born again.'

Answer: We have not read these tracts.