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How can I pray through at home?

Submitted: 6/5/2007
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Question: I got the Holy Ghost about a year ago with the evidence of speaking in tongues and have been living for God since then. God has really changed my whole lifestyle around. I have spoken in tongues since then but only in church services. I want to be able to pray thru at home, in my car, etc. I have prayed about it and God knows it's a desire of mine. Do you have any advise? The devil trys to make me think the Holy Ghost left me, but I know God didn't call me out just to leave me. I want victory over this situation. Is this abnormal? Thanks.

Answer: Your situation is not especially abnormal. We do believe, however, that you should be able to pray in the Spirit any time and any place. The key is submission. Think about what is happening when you speak in tongues during a service of the church. You are probably in an atmosphere of faith, and people around you are praising God. This inspires your heart to submit. To submit to God like this at home, you will need to create a similar atmosphere. Try putting on some good Christian praise music and taking some time to worship the Lord. Sing out loud and praise Him. You may find yourself speaking in tongues again before you know it.