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Are UFOs in the Bible?

Submitted: 6/18/2007
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Question: There have been a lot of different stories of sightings of UFOs or aliens. Does the Bible talk about different creatures outside of the earth and do you think it is really a UFO or something else? And does it have to do with anything of the end-times. Thanks and God bless.

Answer: The term UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. This means that any object seen flying across the sky which cannot be identified is a UFO. In this respect, there are definitely UFOs. Whether or not they are aliens from outer space we cannot say--they are unidentified. We tend to believe, however, that earth is the only place in the creation where there is intelligent life. This is because God entered THIS world and died in the flesh for US! If there are other creatures that need salvation, He would have had to enter those worlds as well. But then He would have had to appear in at least two different manifestations. We do not believe God would do this because God is one! (deuteronomy 6:4).