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Questions about Revelation 7?

Submitted: 8/20/2007
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Question: I know a denomination that states only 120 thousand are going to make it to heaven, but in Rev 7:9-17 it talks about a multitude of people being before the throne which no man could number. 1st. Who are these people, old or new testament saints? 2nd. If the believers are raptured out of here before tribulation, what is this passage talking about? 3rd. It states that few will find the straight gate, but if no man could number these, isn't that like the stars that can't be numbered? 4th. Do you believe believers will have to go through tribulation?

Answer: 1. We would say that these are believers from all of human history. 2. You will have to ask a pre-tribulationist to explain that. 3. When the Bible says it is a crowd that no one could number, it is simply indicating that it is an extremely large crowd. But even though this crowd may consist of millions of people, that would still be 'few' compared to the total number of human beings who have ever lived. 4. Please read our article called 'Night of Broken Glass' found in the Apostolic Free Library on the End-Times shelf.