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Interest in attending

Submitted: 9/4/2007
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Question: I have been brought up in a Nazarene Church. We have many obvious differences. However, I have followed this site for the last two years. There just seems to be something about the Apostolic Church that interests me. I was looking into the next step of possibly attending our local Apostolic Church. I am afraid to go because of being judged of how the way my life may look. I also would not know where to start. What would be proper to wear? Should I wear a long skirt, no makeup and pull my cut hair back? And is there anything I should know before I was to visit? I have hoped that an Apostolic would invite me, but they have yet to do so. So, I'm just looking to make my visit as comfortable as possible. What would my next steps be? Thank You so much!

Answer: We suggest you either attend a service or contact the local pastor(s) and ask to meet with him (them). We encourage you not to be afraid. Of course, not all apostolic churches are the same, but we sense that you are being led by the Lord, so we believe you should step out and take the initiative.