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Do Apostolic churches excommunicate people for committing one sin?

Submitted: 9/20/2007
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Question: The conduct and blessedness of the few Apostolic churches I've attended in my new life has yet to warrant such a question, but recent research has led me to ask a broader Apostolic audience a seemingly dumb question. As one baptized in the water and the Spirit, I know my salvation is certain so long as I serve and obey God; however, while reading a Protestant-biased web site, I came across the inference that Apostolic/Holiness churches excommunicate church members who accidentally commit sin (only one sin needed for excommunication was implied by the apostate web site--excommunication means the member goes to hell), how do people come up with this theory that Apostolic churches base salvation upon social standing in the congregation? Do any Apostolic/Holiness churches believe this non-Biblical doctrine?

Answer: We do not know of any Apostolic churches that practice what you have described, and we do not believe it reflects the thinking of many Apostolic people. We suggest you resist the temptation to form opinons about Apostolic churches based on what non-apostolic people have written. Why not simply ask the leaders of your local assembly what their practice is? Most Apostolic preachers preach against sin, but also understand that people are weak and need time for God's grace to work in their lives.