Leadership Development in the Local Assembly


Steps Who and what to look for. What to do.


Elders (or other believers) who are clearly functioning in an apostolic or prophetic gift. Send out with a team of workers to plant new assemblies.


Elders (or other believers) who have gifts and ministries that would edify other assemblies. Release from some local responsibilities for trans-local ministry.


Elders who have gifts and responsibilities that require a full-time effort. Release from employment by providing financial support.


Home group leaders who are clearly exhibiting one or more equipping gift. Equip, test, and appoint as elders those who qualify.


Deacons who are showing strong leadership abilities, a sacrificial spirit, and a potential equipping gift (of Ephesians 4:11). Equip, test, and appoint as home group leaders those who qualify.


Faithful men who are demonstrating a heart to serve and a teachable attitude. Equip, test, and appoint as deacons those who qualify.


The general assembly of the believers.
Teach, test, and observe believers.

Note: This chart depicts a general pattern, not a rigid step-by-step process. There may be situations where a man is appointed as a home group leader who has not previously served as a deacon, or as an elder who has not previously served as a deacon or a home group leader. The key is that each man be required to demonstrate the qualities described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and prove his character over time. Serving first as a deacon and then as a home group leader seems to be a reasonable way for a man to develop his gifts and prove his character, but it may not be the only way.

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