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What do my dreams mean?

Submitted: 1/20/2007
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Question: A while back I had a dream of being in a prison. I was walking through the halls and came to a stair case. I could see two demons or men that were supposed to be demons. The men or demons were moving and squirming because they were tied to two chairs in the stair case. Next I was in the air as though I was floating when I came closer to them. As I neared, one jumped and commited suicide, I could see blood. I thought this meant I had won one battle. The other opened his mouth and I look down into it. It was dark in his mouth. What do you suppose this dream meant. Another occasion I dreamt of being in a huge church. All the saints or angels were gathered around me and a familiar pastor. I knew it was the saints or angels cause they were all light and clean. The pastor was looking on kind of smiling. I thought it meant his church was going to grow. In the first dream I thought it meant my battle is my mouth (loud, when angry vulgar) or my silence (too quiet, lack of confidence) or my bad communication skills. Should one bother to question our dreams?

Answer: The Bible tells us that God does speak to us in dreams (Acts 2:17; Job 33:14-15). We, however, are not prepared to take on the role of dream interpreters. We do not believe we are gifted in that area nor do with think it is appropriate, since we do not know you and have no spiritual authority in your life. We suggest discussing your dreams with a responsible person in your local assembly.