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Question on Real ID participation?

Submitted: 3/5/2007
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Question: Would having an RFID chip-embedded plastic card that incorporates biometric identifiers (iris scan and fingerprint) that either prohibits or allows an individual to participate in an economic system be something to avoid accepting? If the RFID chip *could be*, but was not as yet, embeddable into the human body but, nonetheless, was a number that prohibited/allowed buying/selling and a person 'went along with it' because it wasn't implanted into their body yet, wouldn't it still be 'in' their forehead (memorized) as well as 'in' their hand (a physical plastic card)? Could that be allegiance to the system of the anti-Christ? Here are two sites that have a lot of information: http://www.nonationalid.com/ http://www.spychips.com/ Thank you for your input.

Answer: Our understanding of the Greek word translated 'mark' is that it means the results of being pierced by a sharp object. The word is 'charagma' and can mean an etching or engraving. This suggests that it is something more than a card a person holds in his hand, but rather something actually implanted into the hand. This is why we believe the idea of a microchip injected by a hypodermic needle best fits the description. Even if it is a card as you suggest, it would have to be a necessity for buying and selling, which is not the current plan for the Real IDs.

We are extremely concerned about the iusses you raise, but we believe we are not quite at the point yet where we are having to face acceptance of the mark of the beast. It is surely, however, looming just over the horizon.