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What about conspiracy theories?

Submitted: 5/1/2007
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Question: I just recently started attending an independent apostolic church and from the start I started hearing a lot of off-the-wall things like the trails behind the planes are chemicals the goverment is trying to kill us with, the goverment was behind the Murray federal building explosion, and on and on. But then they started putting down other apostolic churches because of the differences in the rapture. Is this something I should confront the pastor about, because I have done research on the Internet and can prove that these theories are 'out there' and are false accusations. Also if we can't get along with our apostolic brothers, then who can we get along with?

Answer: We are not sure if you are hearing about these things across the pupit of just in the day-to-day conversations of church members. If you have information that refutes some of the conspiracy theories, then you certainly have a right and responsibility to share your thoughts along with everyone else. As to the criticisms of other churches, there are always people around who make themselves feel more importnat by putting down someone else. This is a poor spirit. The fact is, there is no agreed-upon doctrine on the timing of the Rapture among apostolic believers. We have posted our views on this website, but at this time we consider unity among brothers more important than agreement on this matter. Time will eventually show whose views are correct. You might want to point out to the criticizers that we have much more in common with the other apostolic churches than we have disagreements. Why can't we connect around the points we agree on and begin a brotherly dialogue on the matters where there is disagreement?