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Should we submit to the head covering requirement?

Submitted: 7/5/2007
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Question: I have just recently moved to a country where the apostolic churches have a major Caribbean influence (most of the believers and ministers are Jamaican). Because of this I have noticed that all the women wear head coverings(veils ,hats, etc), and the assembly where we are fellowshipping has also requested my wife to do the same. We were obviously taught and believe differently, so now I am in a dilemna. I do not want to disobey the leadership that is above me in this country, but I also do not want to disobey the teachings regarding head covering which my wife and I view differently. Your input in this matter would be greatly appreciated. God bless.

Answer: We suggest you discuss with the church leadership whether they are saying your wife must wear a head covering as a condition of fellowship, or if they are just asking her to for the sake of unity. If they are not requiring it, then just tell them you would rather not participate in this. We also suggest that you and your wife decide if you believe requiring a covering other than hair is a false doctrine. If so, then you must decide whether or not you are willing to assist in perpetuating a false doctrine. I guarantee you that the leaders of this assembly know full well that most apostolics believe the hair was given for the covering, not a hat or veil (1 Corinthians 11:15). The fact that you may not wish to cooperte with this belief will not be a great surprise to them. Remember, however, it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. You are facing a very tough situation. Be a Christian to these brothers and sisters irrespective of what you decide to do or not do.